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     This section holds my record for Liero and other sequals. If you don't wish to be added to this list, tell me BEFORE the fight, and I won't put up your name or add to my record. If a game is disconnected then I won't count it.

--Wurmz!-- As of November 14th, 2002
0 wins, 0 loss
People I've defeated
People that have defeated me

--NEX7+-- As of December 11th 2001
12 Wins, 6 Losses
People I've defeated
Plague Chylde (x4), Durandal (x3), eGo, Mikey Chimpanzee, Twist, Abyssal Squid, Black Ninja
People that have defeated me
Durandal (x3), Plague Chylde, Klaus, Abyssal Squid

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