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     Ok, if for some reason you want to contact me, you've come to the right place. The list below has the main ways to get a hold of me. Please... don't e-mail me with your questions. I don't like having a cluttered in box. In order to activate Liero weapons, fonts, and character mods, you need to download a Liero utility. I used to have those on my site, I don't anymore because I don't want to re-upload them. For a liero utitlity, I recommend LieroKit. You can download that from LieroNet. That said... if you have anything else you'd like to talk to me about just use one of the methods below. BTW - I prefer to a very high degree to talk over an instant messenger than by e-mail. So if you have and instant messenger service, please use that instead of e-mail. And if you have ICQ, just send me an offline message. I'm much quicker to respond to those :P .

     MSN Messenger -
     ICQ - 97883907
     AOL Instant Messenger - SocialPoison1984
     E-mail -

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