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November 14th, 2002
     FINALLY! I've finally worked up the modivation to transfer the things from my laptop to my main computer! Yay! Lots (well... by SPliero standards :P) of new things! The Soldat section has finally been added, and I have 5 maps in there (4 of which are CTF, haha). The Wurmz! section has been updated. Bravo has finally been released, and is available from there too. Once again (really! last time!) If you've downloaded any of my wurmz maps except Metroid1 or Kirby1 then PLEASE re-download them!! I've made some color changes and general fixes to each of the SMB maps, so they're easier to play on. So please get the new versions. Also, Octagon is finally available. I was playing with Photoshop and the background is what happened when that playing around hit the Sabre Squad logo. Haha. Also added two new links. Well... that's it for now. SPliero isn't dead... and won't really be until for a long time. It just gets very sleepy sometimes. Especially when I start playing Fallout or have too much homework :P. Take it easy, all. And if you need an opponent for either Soldat or Wurmz!, drop me a line. I'm always looking to add more people to my record section >:D .

     Sadly with all this transfering and a recent hard drive crash, my NEX7+ record has been reset and my soldat record is just gone :'( . Oh well.

July 19th, 2002 - Metroid Wurmz! level
     The Metroid level is now done. And the webmaster for Liero Battle Ground officially needs to get above a 14 year olds insult vocabulary.

July 18th, 2002 - Wurmz! Stuff
     Message to the webmaster of Liero Battle Ground - Eat a dick. That being said (he wrote me a really retarded e-mail. Hope he's proud of himself) on to the updates. Thanks to Squidge for noticing my wurmz level links were broken :P . Had them under the Liero directory. And I uploaded a Kirby level! (will I stop making these damn NES levels? Probably not). IMPORTANT!! If you've downloaded any of my Super Mario Brothers levels RE-DOWNLOAD THEM! I've updated and changed the names. Plus the first one no longer has those anoying pink pixels. :P. My latest project is a Metroid level (told you I wouldn't stop).

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